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manilalights's Journal

Blog Overview
This blog was created to express my interests and personal experiences. Posts such as current interests, and questions can be found being voiced out.
Marikit? Gyaru?... What?
What is a Marikit? To know Marikit is to know Gyaru.
Marikit is simply the Filipino version of the Japanese 'Gal' style, or 'Gyrau'. Marikit literally means "Pretty" [pertaining to someone's face]. True to it's name, Marikit girls are usually cute Filipino girls. What you may notice about Marikits is that they have more concerned with their face make than their clothes, but they also dress nicely.
Gyarus, on the other hand are more complex as they have many sub-fashions like urban, hime, or rock and many others. Gyarus have many accessories from deco-phones, nail art, false lashes and circle lenses. Gyarus have a really attention grabbing, out-going style.
It's a Lifestyle,
NOT a Costume Party!